release notes

MantisStats 2.4.0 [March 1, 2017]

- Added new report 'Trends: attachments stats'.

- Removed rependency on jQuery UI.

- Fixed datepicker localization bug.

- Fixed permission bug in 'People: by monitors' report.

MantisStats 2.3.0 [January 4, 2017]

- Added support for MantisBT 2.0.0.

MantisStats 2.2.0 [September 30, 2016]

- Works with MantisBT 1.3.1+ and MantisBT 1.2.x.

- Switch to using MantisBT's own DB functions.

- Possible to setup default start date in the dates filter.

MantisStats 2.0.0 [April 13, 2016]

- Complete rewrite with many changes.

MantisStats 1.5.3 [June 16, 2015]

- Charts. Charting component upgraded.

- Charts. We say goodbye to flash version. HTML5 version is working fine in all browsers.

- Charts. Visuals of charts improved.

- Charts. Pie charts to display percentage of the values.

- Category report. Categories with similar name are now grouped into one entry.

MantisStats 1.5.2 [December 27, 2014]

- Fix. New reports introduced in v1.5.1 have errors when DB backend was PostgreSQL.

- Fix. Add date formatting when custom field is of date type. Sort entries in the fields list alphabetically.

- Fix. Plugin version number not updated in v1.5.1.

- Fix. Trends reports, under some conditions, contain inaccurate date groupings.

- Improvement. Memory usage was improved in Trend reports.

MantisStats 1.5.1 [December 15, 2014]

- New report. Time in 'assigned' report is added. It shows average time issues are/were assigned to an individual handler.

- New report. Section "Times" is added. It contains new In 'new' state report. It shows how long issues stay in 'new' state.

- New report. Handler stats: all report is added. It shows number of all (re-)assignments per handlers.

- New report. By custom fields report is added. Any custom field can be selected for this report.

- Change. Plugin support files (js, css) are now loaded only on plugin pages.

- Change. Info line was added for few reports.

- Change. Visual improvements to filter box.

- Translation. German translation is added.

MantisStats 1.4.1 [April 8, 2014]

- New feature. All texts are moved to language files (check lang/*). French and Russian versions of the Plugin are now shipped with the Plugin along with the English version - thanks to several contributors. From now on it is possible to translate Plugin into any desired language.

- New feature. "Opened vs. resolved" report now contain two different options for 'Resolved' column.

- Change. Dates will now follow ISO 8601 standard. This change will be most 'visible' on the Trends reports when granularity is set to 'Weekly'.

- Fix. Plugin wasn't verified to run with PostgreSQL database backend. Now it is - with the needed fixes made.

- Fix. Grand totals sometimes had wrong sign and color.

MantisStats 1.3.2 [January 22, 2014]

- New feature. Mantis administrator can now turn 'Script running time' ON or OFF. Script running time is displayed by default at the end of every report.

- Fix. Part of JavaScript code was placed in the HTML before <html> tag. This wasn't visually depicting itself, but had to be fixed anyways.

- Fix. User and admin configuration pages were providing action feedback to user in non-standard to Mantis way.

- Fix. Date used in query for resolved issues (trends: opened vs. resolved report) was not the right one.

- Fix. Depending on error reporting level some notices could have been output.

MantisStats 1.3.1 [January 16, 2014]

- New report. 'Notes stats' report is added under the 'Trends' bundle.

- New feature. It is now possible to place link to MantisStats plugin in the main menu or under the Summary menu.

- Fix. Date granularity value was getting lost when switching between reports.

- Fix. Time-frame value was getting lost when switching between reports from 'Trends' and other bundles.

- Fix. Extra checks added for situation when schema upgrade is needed after the plugin upgrade. See also this patch for Mantis.

MantisStats 1.2.1 [December 27, 2013]

- New report. 'Reproducibility' report is added under the 'Issues' bundle.

- New feature. It is now possible to select issues reporting time-frame in reports.

MantisStats 1.1.1 [December 17, 2013]

- Schema upgrade. If you are upgrading from previous versions please note that database schema upgrade is needed.

- New feature. Mantis administrator and users can choose default report.

- New report. 'Tag stats' report is added under the 'Issues' bundle.

- Fix. User with protected account (incl. anonymous) should not be able to change settings for reports.

- Fix. Chart type for 'Issues by category' report is Pareto.

MantisStats 1.0.1 [December 4, 2013]

- This is the first public release of MantisStats Plugin.